About JUAM

The Japan Association of University Administrative Management was established in January 1997 for university and junior college administrators as a professional organization to deepen mutual enlightenment and study among “officials” across the nation through theoretical and practical research in various areas of “university administration and management” with the aim of establishing university administration and management officials as professionals. It was established in January 1997 for university and junior college administrators.

Today, the organization is open to all supporters of Japanese universities, including faculty, staff, and graduate students, who are actively pursuing their roles as university administrators functioning autonomously and as highly specialized professionals in higher education institutions in Japan.

In addition to research group activities centered on two chapters, eight districts, and 13 thematic study groups, the association publishes and distributes the journal and office newsletters to provide information to its members. In addition, the Society encourages independent activities through the establishment of the Sun Fook Award, the Young Researchers’ Incentive Program, and the Self-Publishing Incentive Program. In addition, the Association has established cooperative relationships with the Association of University Administrators (AUA) in the United Kingdom and the Association for the Study of University Management, and is engaged in a variety of activities in pursuit of its dual role as both a research organization and a professional association.

In the midst of a declining birthrate, an aging population, and globalization of the economy, expectations for university reform are increasing in Japan, which aims to become an education-driven nation.

In order to meet these expectations, there is a strong demand for the development of human resources with expertise, autonomy, and originality in a wide variety of functions and areas, including management reform, support for education and learning, research support, regional cooperation, and international exchange, as well as the development of human resources capable of implementing the practices necessary for university management. Through these activities, the JSCPA strives to fulfill its purpose of “contributing to the development of universities through practical and theoretical research on university administration and management and the development of human resources involved in university administration and management,” and furthermore, to contribute to the development of higher education.

Organization Name (JP)一般社団法人 大学行政管理学会
Organization Name (EN)Japan Association of University Administrative Management
Office Address#203 Kudan Silver Palace
4-6-1 Kudamminami,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo-to 102-0074
EstablishmentJanuary 11, 1997
March 1, 2017 Became a General Incorporated Association
First ChairmanHiroshi Magofuku
Number of members1,160 (as of June 30, 2022)
General Meeting and Research MeetingSaturday and Sunday of the first week of September (customary)