What is the Japan Association of University Administrative Management?

 In the sphere of administrative management that governs the running of today’s universities, there are great demands to modernize as far as possible the traditional university operation tools of faculty council autonomy and, moreover, teaching staff autonomy; in other words demands for the professionalization of university administrative functions.


 Looking at advanced examples elsewhere, we see that in America the universities’ administrators do not combine roles as teachers but function as independent and sophisticatedly specialized workers, and it is a well-known fact that they have made a massive contribution to the development of the American university system that has produced so many of the world’s best universities.


 From this perspective, the role that should ordinarily be played by administrative ‘personnel’ is an extraordinarily important one. However, the fact is that both within and without the universities it would still be difficult to argue that the role of administrative personnel in Japan has become adequately established. Furthermore, with regard to the self awareness and volition of the personnel themselves there are issues surrounding the requisite qualifications and abilities.


 With this ethos and recognition of the current state of affairs, we will aim for the establishment of university administrative management personnel as professionals. Above all, by conducting theoretical and practical research into the diverse fields of university administration and management, the Japan Association of University Administration Management will, as a specialized organization for deepening mutual education and diligent study cutting across all the nation’s university personnel, conduct a lively program of activities.



Name Japan Association of University Administrative Management
Address 203 Kudan Silver Palace, 4-6-1 Kudanminami, Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo 102-0074, Japan (Location:Google Maps)
Established January 11, 1997
First President Hiromu Magofuku
Number of members 1,364(as of Sep.20,2018)
Ordinary general  meeting First Saturday/Sunday of September (as a rule)